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Only 52% of New Yorkers plan to get a COVID vaccine; at risk plan to eradicate the virus | The State

About half (47%) of New York City residents are still not convinced about receiving the COVID-19 vaccine, complicating efforts to finally master the deadly virus. according to an official poll released yesterday.

The NYC Commissioner of Health, Dr. David Chokshi, revealed the details of the survey conducted online during a City Council hearing on vaccine distribution plans, and acknowledged that persuading city residents to be inoculated represents a great challenge.

The Health Department study, conducted Oct. 3-14, found that just over half (52.6%) of the city’s respondents would receive the vaccine. Usually, 20% answered that they would not be vaccinated and 27% were undecided.

On a racial level, more white New Yorkers said they would get vaccinated compared to blacks, Hispanics and Asians. “In some communities, especially the black community, that trust will be difficult to earn due to decades of systemic racism ”, admitted the health commissioner. But the department did not provide a more specific racial or ethnic breakdown of the results.

City health officials are conducting more surveys to gauge changes in public opinion as they prepare to distribute the COVID-19 prevention vaccine. “We need New Yorkers to trust us,” said Chokshi, who testified that the average New Yorker is likely not eligible to receive doses until mid-2021.

Skepticism Among NYC Residents Matches National Polls– In one conducted by Harris Poll, 42% of Americans said they would be more likely to get the COVID-19 vaccine if they saw it first being used by the Dr. Anthony Fauci, considered the most important infectious disease doctor in the country. They preferred him as a guinea pig over any politician or famous actors like Tom Hanks, he noted. New York Post.

On Wednesday, former Presidents Bill Clinton, Barack Obama and George W. Bush said they would be willing to get vaccinated on camera to show the public that it is safe.


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