Miley Cyrus shatters fairytale image with Liam Hemsworth as she admits to drugs

Miley Cyrus has shattered the image of a fairytale lifestyle most thought she had with ex-husband Liam Hemsworth.

The Wrecking Ball singer, 28, parted ways with the Aussie actor, 30, in August 2019 – just eight months after they’d tied the knot in an intimate ceremony surrounded by loved ones.

And despite knowing each other since 2009, their ill-fated union soon turned to dust.

Admitting that there was just “too much conflict” between the pair, Miley admitted that drugs and booze quickly plagued their “innocent” relationship.

Appearing on the cover of Rolling Stone ‘s January issue, Miley told the publication she heavily relied on substances to get her through 2017 and 2018, admitting those years were nothing but a dark time for her.

Miley Cyrus says her marriage to Liam was far from a fairytale

“A couple of years ago, it looked like I was living some fairytale. It really wasn’t,” she confessed.

“At that time, my experimentation with drugs and booze and the circle of people around me was not fulfilling or sustainable or ever going to get me to my fullest potential and purpose.”

Miley and Liam first laid eyes on each other on the set of hit film The Last Song in 2009, and it was instant sparks from then on.

Though for the next decade they weren’t together the whole time, they rekindled their romance in recent years, and tied the knot last year.

Miley and Liam divorced earlier this year, after their eight-month marriage crumbled in August 2019

But it all came crashing down just months after the pair said “I Do” with Miley since moving on with Kaitlynn Carter and later Cody Simpson, however her flings were not meant to last.

The singer admitted her public image was what spurred on rumours about her personal life, admitting that depending on what hair colour she had at the time, people wrongly assumed whether or not she was sober.

“They would say, ‘Her hair’s long and blond, she’s sane right now. She cannot be f***ed up on drugs. It’s when her hair is painted or she’s growing out her armpit hair [that] she’s on drugs’,” Miley recalled.

Miley admitted that she turned to booze and alcohol to help her get through 2017 and 2018

Reflecting on her boozy past, Miley decided to get sober after publicly admitting she loved marijuana and harder drugs.

“I got to pull my s**t together before I’m 27, because 27 is the time you cross over that threshold into living or dying a legend. I didn’t want to not make it through being 27,” she said.

Though committed she admitted that she was not immune to the stress of the pandemic as she shared it caused her to relapse.

Miley Cyrus is Rolling Stone’s January 2021 cover star

But the pandemic has made it even tougher for Miley to not reach for alcohol or srugs, admitting that lockdown has unfortunately made it easier for her to relapse.

She added: “It was really a struggle. Mental health and anxiety and all that. I lost myself there, and now I’m back on five weeks.”

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