Marie-Christine Bergeron leaves TVA

Journalist Marie-Christine Bergeron, who ran the show “IFor two years, she announced on Friday that she had resigned, a move she called “mourning” after several years of challenges and friendships forged within the VAT group.

In a word shared on her Facebook page, Ms. Bergeron, who hosted her last show of “IThursday says the pandemic has caused her to make changes in her life.

“Every day we make decisions. Small ones. Large ones. After 20 years as a journalist, news anchor, host at VAT, I decided to take another path. The 2020 season of I being over, I submitted my resignation. Driven by a thirst for change, ”she wrote on the social network, which made many people react.

“It’s a matter of choice,” she continued. Simply lifestyle choices. The confinement allowed me a downtime, a deep reflection on my present, my future. For now, I want to take time, time for my family, for me too. ”

Marie-Christine Bergeron has matured her decision, which she still experiences as “mourning”.

“All these relationships forged during these great years, these stimulating challenges that VAT over the years, allowing me to fully exercise my passion. I have worked with exceptional colleagues, developed friendships that go beyond the job! thanks to VAT for this chapter of my professional life. See you soon, ”she concluded.

Marie-Christine Bergeron had taken the helm of “I»In the fall of 2018, succeeding the news anchor Paul Larocque who can be seen every day at LCN.

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