Man buys six electric cars and gives five as gifts

A Montreal retiree just bought six electric cars at once from a dealership in the Lanaudière region, one for himself and the other five for family and friends he wanted to give gifts to.

Julien Croteau and the lucky ones visited Bourgeois Chevrolet in Rawdon on Wednesday afternoon to take possession of the six Chevrolet Bolt EVs, a fully electric vehicle, valued at approximately $ 45,000.

“It’s a donation to people I love, but also a donation to the planet. I’m 76 years old, and I’ve seen what has been done to the environment and how everything has deteriorated in such a short time. It might be a drop in the ocean, but if everyone did that, it would have an impact, “said Julien Croteau, met at this very special gift distribution.

The retiree chose to give the cars to three of his grandchildren, a friend and a couple of his former employees.

Mr. Croteau already owns several cars, two of which are electric.

“I have about 15 cars, so you could say I’m a real tank guy!”

The grandchildren for whom the cars are intended have chosen the color of their vehicle themselves. The red won. The parents took possession of it while they waited for them to be able to drive them.

Sonia Gingras and Michel Gaudry, his employees for 12 years, said they were very touched by the gesture of their former boss. “It’s love, an extraordinary mark of appreciation. We wouldn’t have had the means to buy a car like this, but we will be very proud to drive it and to be able to do this for the planet, “said Sonia Gingras.

The car that Mr. Croteau kept for him is a true work of art, painted entirely by hand in vivid colors by the artist Jean Tannous. It is covered in places with scraps of fabric and … gold leaf.

The artist is convinced that it will stand up to the elements. “Of course it’s a vintage car; it will have to be stored in a garage. On the other hand, this is the third car that I have painted this way, using a special varnish that I am famous for and that resists everything. She can go through the car wash without any problem! “

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