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Brace yourself: a second stimulus check could be delayed even further

More than 160 million Americans have received a first stimulus check since March.

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US lawmakers have their sights set on a smaller stimulus package to end 2020, there is still reason to believe that the plan could contain other direct payment but we would have to wait a bit more time.

The new proposals presented this week in Congress do not count a direct stimulus stimulus payment for coronavirus, but that doesn’t mean a new round of payments is out of the question.

Democratic legislators and the president-elect, Joe biden, have shown their public support for the bipartisan $ 908 billion bill containing funding for a unemployment program, Payroll Assistance for Small Businesses but not a stimulus check.

A Proyect of direct payment could be presented as part of a coronavirus tracking package but by 2021 that would allow a second financial aid check to be submitted that qualified individuals could receive.

Both Congressmen and Biden have acknowledged that the new support program will be insufficient for citizens, so they will seek to develop a broader stimulus package for the coming year.

The good news is that the support that the bipartisan proposal is receiving as a basis for the negotiations has been strong since the plan proposes to continue with payments of up to $ 300 a week of unemployment assistance.

Biden has committed to developing an agenda during his first 100 days as president that includes the signing of new executive orders.

“At this time, the plenary session of Congress must meet and approve a robust aid package to address these urgent needs,” Biden said Tuesday during the presentation of his economic team.

The president-elect affirmed that his transition team is working on the proposals it will present to the new Congress to face so much the health crisis as the economy. If the president-elect does not have sufficient support from Congress, the new administration could do very little on the issue of a new stimulus check.

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After Inauguration Day, Republicans will continue to pressure the new administration in the event that Democrats do not win the pending January 5 election that will define legislator seats for the state of Georgia.

You can learn more reasons why a second stimulus check could be further delayed after the first payment was received by more than 160 million people.

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