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The use of the pregnancy test is very widespread among women because it tells them whether or not they are pregnant before visiting a doctor’s office. According to Planned Parenthood, these tests are as accurate as urine tests performed in labs, which makes them widely used.

However, not being clear about the best time to use them can lead to serious misunderstandings, so it is very important to be informed about the most ideal moment in which to use the test of pregnancy.

From what moment can you take the pregnancy test?

Women can take the pregnancy test at any time after having a late periodThis being the most suitable period to check whether or not you are pregnant and thus start considering the available options.

The packages of many pregnancy tests state that these can work a few days before the missed period. However, the results are less accurate these days, and can lead to errors.

Sometimes a pregnancy test can detect pregnancy hormones in as little as 10 days after unprotected sex. But nevertheless, andThese results are usually not reliable, and can lead to a false positive or false negative result.

The best option for women with irregular menstrual periods or who do not have periods for any reason is to take a pregnancy test 3 weeks after unprotected sex so that there is no margin for error.

What to do if the result is positive?

You can discuss your options with your family and loved ones. Source: Pexels

If the pregnancy test result is positive, the woman can easily apply a second test to be completely sure, which is recommended if the woman has reasons to distrust the result of the first test.

The main thing when confirming pregnancy it is keep calm and serenity, this to avoid decisions or actions that the mother may later disapprove. This can be difficult for the expectant mother when we consider the emotions of the moment.

After recovering calm, it is recommended to go to a health center or family planning center. In these places, they will be given all the necessary support and all the options available will be evaluated.

Family planning centers are an especially suitable option for women who are at risk, or who do not have sufficient socio-economic capabilities to raise a child.

The pregnancy it is a scenario that should preferably be reached with proper planning. If this is not the case, the best thing the mother can do is go to a care center to weigh all her possibilities.

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