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What is the best time to buy your Christmas tree

Still no shortage of saplings despite high sales.

AnnieSpratt / Pixabay

In these times when the coronavirus pandemic has forced us to remain in quarantine, and most people are not going on vacation, there has been an upturn in Christmas tree sales.

In fact, tree vendors are reported to have been receiving calls to buy pine trees for more than three weeks before Thanksgiving. All the people asked if there would be trees available for this year.

Also, as soon as the tree lots were opened, people started rushing to buy theirs. Fortunately, the sales boom has created no shortage, as reported in Thrillist.

As a recommendation, if you are thinking of taking a tree of a special size, such as a large one, you should go looking for it during the last week of November and the first weekend of December, because you may have a better chance of finding the one you want.

Keep in mind that between 75% and 90% of Christmas tree sales occur during the two weekends after Thanksgiving. This means that, after December 6, the availability of saplings will be considerably reduced.

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