The rare photo of Elon Musk and Grimes’ son “reading a book” at six months old | The State

Although the only child they have in common Elon musk Y Grimes began to grab headlines within hours of dinner, due to the original name that his parents gave him, the truth is that the singer has tried to keep little X Æ A-12 as far as possible from the spotlight of media attention.

However, this week he made an exception to share an adorable picture of ‘Little X’, as he is affectionately nicknamed, to demonstrate that in his case the old saying “such a stick, such a splinter” is true. In the image, the six-month-old boy appears with his back to the camera, dressed in pajamas with gold stars and looking very concentrated at a book with illustrations of a telescope and a spiral galaxy.

It is obvious that his parents are trying to instill his interest in everything related to space, given that Musk is the founder of the aerospace transport company Space X. Grimes also made it clear a few weeks ago that he does not like traditional toys for children because they are boring and do not provide creative or stimulating experiences.

“I’ve seen ‘Apocalypse Now’ and things like that with my son. He is very fond of radical art. They really like it, yes, and I don’t think it is harmful to interact with them at that level, “he assured the New York Times to defend his theory that even babies have their own tastes and opinions.


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