Teacher who raped student 25 times will not serve time in prison | The State

Former teacher Rene Elena Carter was sentenced to probation for three years after she admitted to sexually abusing a student at least 25 times in Montana.

Carter, a special education teacher at Capital High School, in Missoula, she had been initially charged in 2018 with three counts of sexual encounter without consent.

The convict had abused the minor since February 2015 and lasted until June of that year when the young man was 17 years old.

Although the age in the state to legally consent to such an act is 16, in this case the victim was not able to make a conscious decision for other reasons.

The student revealed that he had intimate encounters with the woman about 25 times, including in the classroom.

Carter reached a plea deal on November 27 with authorities, whereby the rape charge was amended and changed to criminal endangerment for sexual assault of a minor. The agreement means that the defendant posed a substantial risk of death or serious bodily injury to the victim.

The agreement also stipulates the withdrawal of the other two counts of sexual relations without consent. The former teacher received a deferred sentence of 3 years and will remain on probation during that period.


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