Photographer and model are arrested for doing “daring” session in Egyptian pyramids | The State

Several international media have reported on the arrest by the Cairo police in Egypt of a photographer and a model, after performing una photoshoot that has been described as “daring” near the pyramid of Djoser, which is part of the Saqqara necropolis.

The photographer, whose name has not been revealed, went to that place with the model and dancer Salma al-Shimi, who shared on Instagram some photos of said work, where he is seen wearing a short white dress, somewhat low-cut, alluding to those used by the ancient pharaohs.

According to local media, both were taken before a court and the authorities also questioned employees of the place, which was originally a cemetery, to find out who allowed them to carry out the photo shoot.

According to information from AFP, in recent months, different courts in that country have sent to different prisons about 12 people who uploaded content made in that country and that has been classified as “offensive” to their social networks.


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