20 people win the lottery with the least recommended combination; suspected of fraud | The State

In recent days, 20 people won a jackpot in the South African national lottery, taking each one about $ 327,000 and all thanks to that They bet on one of the least recommended combinations to play: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 10.

According to information provided by the BBC, the authorities of that country are already investigating the case, as they believe that behind this could have been fraud, since it is too much coincidence that so many people played the same numbers and above all, with such a basic series.

In addition, another 79 people obtained a prize equivalent to $ 410 dollars for having also hit the sequence from 5 to 9, but without finding the last digit that is known as PowerBall.

The South African national lottery indicated that, indeed, many people bet on that series when they play, although they do not recommend doing so because until now, no one had obtained a prize with this method.

The controversial draw was broadcast on television last Tuesday and according to local media, the chances of hitting the so-called PowerBall of South Africa is 1 in 42,375,200.


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