Toy Thieves Wanted

Two thieves on Monday attacked a community organization in Quebec that allows families to save money and helps children from defeated backgrounds.

The two men broke into the warehouse of the nonprofit (NPO) Reno-Toys on the night of Sunday to Monday.

Réno-Toys posted images of the theft on YouTube where they were seen rummaging through boxes, choosing toys and leaving. The four-minute video was uploaded to YouTube on Tuesday.

“It has a huge cost for our organization,” says the director of the organization, Annie Asselin, while explaining that no complaint will be brought to the police.

Help us! do you know them? Please watch the video and share! On November 30, we had the visit of THIEVES from …

Posted by Réno-Toys on Tuesday, December 1, 2020

“Share so that they can understand that we are an NPO and that if they needed help, it was enough to see with one of our affiliated organizations instead of stealing,” says Réno-Toys in a Facebook post.

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