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This is what Ninel Conde would have charged for selling her wedding exclusive | The State

Ninel Conde She has been immersed in controversy for a while, especially since the legal battle for the custody of her son began with his father, Giovanni medina. In the middle of that dispute, the actress and singer surprised everyone with the news that she would marry her recent boyfriend, Larry Ramos.

Obviously, on the day of the long-awaited wedding everyone was waiting for him. However, the ceremony had several setbacks hours before, when the Mexican authorities themselves decided to cancel the event due to the pandemic situation. Still, that didn’t stop the loving couple from carrying out the ceremony.

Finally the bride and groom were married, but little could be seen of the celebration. Days later, it was known that the wedding would be broadcast on the television network Telemundo. As expected, many wondered: “How much would Ninel have charged for the exclusive?”

Journalist Javier Ceriani, driver Gossip No Like, I affirm that “About one hundred thousand dollars.” He also added that he considers “A sensitive issue, as Larry Ramos is being investigated and sentenced for various crimes “ of an economic nature in United states.

So far, neither Telemundo, nor his own Ninel Conde have aired whether this information would be true or not. What is known is that the wedding in question was broadcast and also Ninel He recorded extra material where he explained step by step the stress he experienced and how he managed to calm him down.

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