They launch a job offer to become Queen Elizabeth II’s personal assistant | The State

It is a position to work at Buckingham Palace with travel possibilities. A 2-year contract is offered.

Chris Jackson / Getty Images

The Royal family you are looking for a personal assistant to work in the queen’s private secretary. It is a position that offers a 2-year contract to start in January 2021 and includes travel.

An opportunity for those who meet the requirements. It sounds great in the work biography to have worked at Buckingham Palace. According to the search published on LinkedIn, you are looking for a person with extensive experience and with “excellent interpersonal and communication skills.”

Regarding the roles to perform, the ad says: “With a proactive approach, the chosen person will work efficiently with minimal initiative and direction, remaining calm and organized, even when under pressure.

Tasks to accomplish include: coordinating agendas, meetings and appointments and assisting with the efficient management of government activities and “liaising with stakeholders in the UK, Realms and Commonwealth to write letters and other materials” .

The selected person will earn up to $ 50,000 per year according to the experience that demonstrates. The search was published this Tuesday but ends soon: it closes this Friday, December 4.


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