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The day of 2019 in which a participant of

Project Runway is a reality series that addresses the topic of fashion design.


In March 2019, approximately one year before the coronavirus hit countries like the United States, a contestant on the reality show “Project Runway” called “Kovid” she wore a clothing design that included a face mask.

Today, at a time when the world has not yet freed itself from the plague of COVID-19, network users took up the images of the television episode to speculate on conspiracy theories and the supposed prediction of the disease from last year.

During season 17 of the fashion contest, the designer Kovid kapoor He fulfilled the “Head To Toe” challenge which, as the name suggests, required the contestants to create an outfit that covered them in their entirety.

The “look” of Kovid Kapoor is not far from the images that have been seen on a daily basis globally for almost a year: citizens as covered as possible without missing the mask.

The participant’s design consisted of a set of shirt and pants with a red, white and black checkered design that looks more like pajamas, the mask of the same material and red high-heeled boots.

In recent days, users of networks such as TikTok took up the publications related to the episode and filled the cyberspace with photos and videos in which they warned of the association between what was exposed in the program and the reality that is experienced this year by the pandemic of coronavirus in the world.

In particular, users looking to gain a following have recently made the topic of importance.


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