Ronnie Wood’s son says he’s ‘more a mate than dad’ as he dismisses feud rumours

Jamie Wood has put to bed the rumours that he’s feuding with his dad.

Son of Rolling Stones rocker Ronnie, Jamie, 46, had been surrounded by speculation of a “rift” between him and dad Ronnie, 73.

But the rumours are just that, says Jamie, as he insisted that Ronnie is more of a pal than a dad.

Ronnie took Jamie, who’s the biological son of Peter Greene, under his wing when he started dating his mum Jo.

Chatting with MailOnline, he shared: “It’s not a feud. But Ronnie’s not my dad. I think of him as a mate.

“We text now and again – you know, ‘how are you mate, happy birthday’ – but it’s not a feud, it’s just how its always been.”

Ronnie, Jo and their children in 1983

Jamie added: “I lived with him since I was one-year-old. I’m surprised he remembers me to be honest.

“He was probably like ‘who is this 21-year-old?’ when I grew up.”

Ronnie and Jo went their separate ways in 2009, with whom he also shares Leah and Tyrone.

Jo had split from Jamie’s biological father Peter in 1976.

Jo had Jamie with Peter Green, but Ronnie was in his life from one-year-old

Ronnie shares his little girls with wife Sally

Ronnie also has Jesse with first wife Krissy Findlay, and four-year-old twin girls Alice and Gracie with wife Sally Humphreys.

The Stones are known for keeping up their legendary live performances up into their 70s.

Ronnie, frontman Mick Jagger, Keith Richards and Charlie Watts are renowned for still touring.

And Ronnie wished best mate Mick a heartfelt happy birthday as he turned 77.

The lads are touring into their seventies, and will resume their tour once safe

“Wishing @mickjagger a very happy birthday!” Ronnie captioned a string of snaps of them together, many from the Stones’ ’60s heyday.

And while he had his nostalgia goggles on, he dished on a valuable life skill his mum taught him.

He told the Tea with Twiggy podcast: “My mum was great at crochet and knitting.

“I knit too – I used to hold the ball of wool for her, and she taught me the plain stitch.

“I still do it today, I think it’s really relaxing. I knit endless scarves.”

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