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PETA demands New York jail give Ghislaine Maxwell vegan food

Maxwell reportedly lost 25 pounds since she was arrested for not eating prison food.


At the end of October, PETA, the organization that fights for animal rights, would have sent a letter to the Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC) in Brooklyn, in New York, demanding that Ghislaine Maxwell, ex-partner and accomplice of Jeffrey Epstein, to continue with his vegan diet in said prison is respected.

Maxwell was arrested in July of this year on multiple charges related to crimes of trafficking and sexual abuse of minors and is in the detention center mentioned above, without the right to bail.

PETA indicated that despite Maxwell’s criminal record, no one has the right to “increase her suffering” by forcing her to eat meat when she had been on a vegan diet for a long time.

“Regardless of what happened to Ms. Maxwell, no one should be forced to eat the carcass of an animal that felt pain and fear and did not want to die,” Ingrid Newkirk, PETA president, said in the statement.

Further, The organization pledged to be the ones who provide food to Maxwell and other inmates in order to end the suffering of animals that are slaughtered for human consumption.

“PETA always suggests ways to save animals from pain and suffering, which is why we advocate for vegan options for all. We have asked numerous prisons to do so ”, indicated Newkirk, assuring that this would also save many economic resources to the government and therefore, to the citizens.

According to someone close to Maxwell, the woman has lost about 25 pounds since she was arrested because she has been repeatedly denied food from the prison.


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