Mitch McConnell is the main opponent of the new bipartisan financial aid plan | The State

Mitch McConnell is the main opponent of the new bipartisan financial aid plan

Mitch McConnell supports a $ 500 billion relief plan.

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At last members of both parties in Congress had agreed to jointly push for a new economic aid plan, but they encountered a powerful opponent: the Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell (Kentucky).

“We just don’t have time to waste time”said the Republican in response to the roughly $ 908 billion plan prepared by bipartisan members of the Senate.

McConnell added that they are working on a spending bill, which must be approved before December 11, but the same process would include economic provisions against the pandemic of coronavirus.

“They will probably come in one package”, he expressed.

The Kentucky Republican has been reluctant to virtually all economic projects against the pandemic, as he considers them excessive.

However, he is pushing for a $ 500 billion plan with funding for unemployment insurance bonds, business tax aid and resources against the COVID-19 pandemic, but Democrats consider it insufficient.

McConnell advanced a dialogue with White House officials about what the president Donald trump would sign as law, both for the extension of resources for the federal administration and for financial aid.

He added that he plans to offer possible solutions to Republican senators and get their comments, and then extend the bill to Democrats, who are pushing for the approval of the bill. HEROES Law $ 3.4 billion or, failing that, the $ 2.2 billion plan also passed in the House.

The Secretary of the Treasury, Steven Mnuchin, urged Congress take advantage of the remaining $ 455,000 million from the CARES Act, to send a new stimulus check and support businesses directly.


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