Inheriting a future filled with promise

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Image Credit: Gulf News Archives

‘To the future of our Nation… on the day it was born.’

These powerful words resounding with meaning and purpose, could not have been strung together at a better time than now, as the UAE celebrates its 49th National Day today, even as it steels itself against the pandemic, and a people rise as one to overcome the challenges posed by a post-Covid world.

Part of an inspirational video titled Our Heartbeats and released by UAE-based retail brand Babyshop, the short film appeals to the good will and aspirations of a generation that stands to inherit the values, traditions, heritage and culture that have come to define the UAE as we know it today, a strong and proud country ready to claim its seat in the comity of nations.

It’ been said before and will be said again that the strength of a Nation is its people and nowhere is this more true that in the UAE, a unique and vibrant geographical entity that has proved to the world on innumerable occasions that the word impossible ceases to exist in its lexicon. It’s a creed emphasized upon and supported by its wise Leadership, and fortified by the ingenuity and sheer effort of human will showcased by its people.

Today, therefore, as the UAE celebrates its 49th National Day, Babyshop proudly dedicates a message of hope through its video, to the future of our Nation, on the day it was born.

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