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He is 101 years old and for the third time he defeated the coronavirus

Doctors believe the woman has tested false positives.


A medical case registered in Italy has impacted doctors from that country and from other parts of the world because despite all prognoses, A 101-year-old woman has emerged from the coronavirus disease for the third time.

Mary Orsingher lives in Adernno, belonging to the Lombardy region, and was born on July 21, 2019. The first time he was infected with coronavirus was at the beginning of the pandemic, in the nursing home where he lives.

María managed to recover but in mid-September, the old woman tested positive for Covid-19 again and had to remain hospitalized for 18 days and at the end of October, she was tested again, indicating that she was a carrier of the virus, only that once asymptomatic.

The woman’s relatives believe she has been able to recover because she has always been in good health and her appetite is never lacking.

Doctors still cannot explain this case, although they believe it is because in previous tests it could have given false negatives because it could have few remains of the virus that are practically impossible to detect.


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