[EN DIRECT 2 DÉCEMBRE 2020] All developments in the COVID-19 pandemic

Here you will find all the news related to this crisis which has hit the population, governments and the economy for several months.



Case: 63 957 998

Death: 1,481,750


Case: 383,468, 143,548 in Quebec

Death: 12,211 deaths, 7,084 in Quebec


8:19 am | Athletes at the Tokyo Olympics, postponed until next summer due to the coronavirus, will be subject to regular testing, restrictions in their fixtures and possible penalties if they do not play by the rules, said on Wednesday. organizers by specifying the panoply of measures planned for the Olympic Games.

8:00 am | No more than ten guests at New Year’s Eve in Norway.

Norway on Wednesday announced a slight relaxation of its health regulations for Christmas and raised to ten the maximum number of guests for Christmas Eve.

Current recommendations limit the number of guests that can be accommodated at home to five, provided they stay within a distance of one meter. This rule will remain until 2021, but, on two occasions during the holidays, it will be exceptionally allowed to accommodate up to ten guests, the government said.

Here too, physical distancing will remain essential.

“You will have to improvise and maybe lengthen the table a bit this year,” Prime Minister Erna Solberg said at a press conference.

Travel is also not recommended, both within the country and abroad, the latter generally being subject to a quarantine requirement on return.

While it has not imposed a re-containment unlike other European countries, Norway has introduced strict restrictions that will remain in place at least until December 16.

7:52 am | The COVID-19 pandemic has pulled wages down in the first half of 2020 and is expected to put them under “very strong downward pressure” in the near future, according to a report from the International Labor Organization released Wednesday.

7:48 am | The World Health Organization on Wednesday recommends the generalization of the anti-Covid mask in healthcare establishments, and to wear it in closed places without adequate ventilation in regions with high transmission.

7:06 am | The anti-Covid vaccine will be free in Italy.

The anti-Covid vaccine will be free in Italy, where it will be administered first to doctors and elderly people living in residences, Health Minister Roberto Speranza announced on Wednesday.

“The vaccine will be distributed free to all Italians. It will not be mandatory at the start. The government will monitor the progress of the “vaccination campaign,” the minister said in a Senate address.

The vaccination campaign will begin in the spring of 2021, but the first batches of Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are due to be delivered at the end of December early January. Italy has signed vaccine supply contracts with AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson, Sanofi, Pfizer, CureVac and Moderna, according to the minister.

Doctors and health personnel, approximately 1.4 million people, will be the first to be vaccinated, followed by residents of retirement homes (570,000 people). Then come the teachers, police and prison guards, before moving on to the population as a whole.

6:23 am | COVID-19: Brazil’s poor face end to emergency aid.

6:19 am | The international organization Interpol on Wednesday sent a warning message to its 194 member countries, called on to prepare for organized crime actions focused on vaccines against the coronavirus.

3h18 | The UK is the first country in the world to authorize the COVID-19 vaccine from Germany’s BioNTech and US giant Pfizer, which will be available in the country from “next week”, the UK government said on Wednesday.

1h22 | Japan will provide free coronavirus vaccines to the country’s 126 million people, under a bill passed on Wednesday as the archipelago faces an upsurge in infections.

0h00 | At the height of the second wave of the epidemic, Dr. Horacio Arruda has just given the green light to the resumption of escape games, causing unrest even among the ranks of this young entertainment industry.

Owner of Eliviascape, Patrick Toupin reopened the doors of his escape game business last Friday.

Photo Stevens Leblanc

Owner of Eliviascape, Patrick Toupin reopened the doors of his escape game business last Friday.

0h00 | Quebec could ban gatherings at Christmas.

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