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Elizabeth Tremblay-Gagnon: from struggling student to brilliant actress

The 2nd season of All the life revealed to us this fall a brilliant actress. The character of Éloïze, a pregnant teenager with a mild disability, is delicately portrayed by Elizabeth Tremblay-Gagnon, a 24-year-old actress with a journey marked by learning difficulties, dyslexia and dysorthography. Although she was not accepted into any art school due to her academic performance, her career today is second to none.

The pretext for talking to the actress is her role of Eloïze, of course, but also her acting career, which began in the cinema in 2014 in Augustine’s passion, where she played the young stutterer Suzanne Gauthier.

Since then we’ve seen him in the movie Charlotte has fun (2017), as well as in the series Les Invisibles, 30 Lives, Helping Béatrice and The 422, among others.

At the very end of the interview, Elizabeth Tremblay-Gagnon would like to tell us a secret. “I was a struggling student,” she says. I was in a special class for three years and didn’t graduate from high school. I say this because it is part of my journey, and it can be inspiring for other young people who are looking for their place in a school like I have been looking for ”.

The young woman adds that when the time came to prepare for the role of Eloïze, she went to draw on her school career.

“I’ve worked with some, Eloïze, and even more severe cases,” she says. In the years that I was in that band, all I wanted to do was be like everyone else. For me, this role allowed me to come full circle with my learning difficulties and understand why I was in a struggling group. I brought Eloïze a lot of color, but she also taught me a lot. And today, I wouldn’t trade who I am. ”

Elizabeth Tremblay-Gagnon is obviously a brilliant and articulate young woman. “I consider myself to be a smart person even though I am not in high school. I have emotional intelligence, and I think that is just as important for being balanced in life. ”

Accepted in any school

The young actress, also passionate about singing, discovered an immense interest in acting at the age of 14, while appearing in a commercial.

For her, it was a point of no return. “It was clear that I wanted to do this for a living,” she says. She then chained short films that allowed her to win awards. By landing a leading role in the film Augustine’s passion, “I entered the major leagues,” she said.

Her parents tried to enroll her in artistic schools, but none of them accepted her because of her academic results, which did not prevent her from filling her curriculum vitae with several artistic training courses taken here and there. “I have a selective memory,” she laughs.

Efforts that pay off

Elizabeth Tremblay-Gagnon has to work even harder than the others. She takes care to get coached before each role – “it’s so important for me to do that,” she says. As a dyslexic, she also has to put more effort into learning her texts.

“I can’t tell you that I read a text once and decode it right away,” she explains. I give myself tips. Our brain ends up bypassing certain difficulties without really thinking about it. I reread and reread. ”

But, by dint of persistence, Elizabeth Tremblay-Gagnon now has the necessary background to be entrusted with a role as complex as that of Eloïze.

“I want to be considered a great actress in Quebec. I want to be recognized for my game. I am ready to dive into everything, especially after Éloïze. There is nothing stopping me. ”

“We worked on his gestures”

Elizabeth Tremblay-Gagnon's transformation into Éloïze can be seen in the body language of her character.

Photo courtesy, Véro Boncompagni

Elizabeth Tremblay-Gagnon’s transformation into Éloïze can be seen in the body language of her character.

Elizabeth Tremblay-Gagnon inherited, this fall, what will undoubtedly be the role that will mark a turning point in her career: that of Éloïze, a 17-year-old teenager with a mild disability, who is of the mental age of one. ten-year-old girl. Pregnant, she is one of the students of École Marie-Labrecque.

One of the main plots of All the life this season is rooted in the heartbreak of both parents of Eloïze. Her loving father (Pierre-François Legendre) wants his daughter to keep her child, while her mother (Brigitte Lafleur) does everything to ensure that she has an abortion, pleading that she does not have the mental capacity for her child. ‘take care of a child.

“During the hearing, in ten minutes I realized the magnitude of this role,” says his interpreter. I knew it was not nothing. You had to be fair. There were plenty of directions we could have taken, but we had to find the right one. ”

The physical transformation did not scare him. “I myself am surprised when I see myself on the screen,” she admits. This is what I wanted to see in my performance: total change, physical and emotional. ”

“A golden role”

Elizabeth Tremblay-Gagnon’s transformation can be seen in the hairstyle and clothes, but especially in the gestures of her character.

“His way of running, of going down the stairs, that isn’t written on paper,” she explains. It comes on the set. With two game coaches, I also worked on the hand gestures. This is very much what we notice in Éloïze. She betrays herself a lot with her hands. We can see his fears, his joy, his naivety. Eloïze is “a golden role” which allows her to show what she is capable of playing. “Often there are actors who want to control their image, I think that’s a chord in my bow. “

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