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Carolina Sandoval and her dental floss get into the shower shamelessly

Carolina Sandoval.

Alberto E. Tamargo. / Grosby Group

The funny and at the same time controversial Venezuelan journalist Carolina sandoval gave a lot to talk about with his most recent “Trasnocho con Caro”, where she had on an old pink bikini whose bottom part turned into dental floss from behind and with which she went to take the shower in front of all her followers.

Right there, in a place as intimate as the bathroom, “The Poisonous” He talked about what his fans think when they go to the shower and especially the doubts that arise while one takes a bath. For example: “Why didn’t the love of your life stay that way or why did they take different directions?” He also showed what product he uses to wash his hair and, between sentences, because obviously he left his rear in view with the tremendous thong that he was wearing.

It is undeniable that Carolina sandoval works every day to offer varied content covering all kinds of topics. Not only is he seen with small garments, he also walks through educational topics such as guiding adolescent daughters in the care of the vagina and sexual relations to entrepreneurs who have started from zero low quality immigrants in the United States.

The range of options presented by the one who until recently was the presenter of “Tell me what you know” it is broad and obviously always gives a lot to talk about.


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