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The yogurt It is a nutritious food that is an important part of the diet, especially for those who want to lose weight or maintain their weight, according to Cuídate Plus. Because of this, these people place a very important value on their consumption.

However Is there a specific time of day when yogurt can help us the most? This is a question that some people ask themselves, and that we will answer below to shed more light on this matter.

Is there a better time of day to consume Yogurt?

According to nutritionist Martina Villarino Sanz, there is no better or worse time of day to consume this food. Instead, the goal should be to routinely include yogurt in your diet every day.

This is also indicated by Rosa María Ortega, Professor of Nutrition, who also adds that yogurt does not provide more or less health benefits depending on the time of day we consume it.

Therefore, Villarino advises add yogurt at the most comfortable time for each individual in order to prevent the person from stressing that their daily routine is incompatible with the consumption of yogurt.

Why is it advisable to consume yogurt at certain times of the day?

Despite the above, there are eating regimens that indicate consuming yogurt at a certain time of the day, particularly at midmorning.

There is a general belief about the supposed consumption of yogurt at a particular time of day. Source: Unsplash

The reason for this recommendation is that yogurt is designed to substituting low-calorie and / or nutrient-poor foods and that are commonly consumed at that time of day.

But nevertheless, This does not mean that mid-morning is the best time to consume yogurt, but a time of day when its consumption may be more beneficial compared to what is consumed regularly at that time of the day.

How much yogurt to consume per day?

Villarino states that there is no maximum number of yogurts that can be consumed per day, but that it is important to distribute the amount of calcium in the yogurt with the rest of the foods of the day. This varies in each population group, and the age of each person.

Yogurt is just one of the foods that can contribute benefits to our diet along with cheese, milk and other dairy derivatives. Know how to consume these foods will guarantee a balanced diet that is also rich in nutrients.

There is no better or worse time of day to consume yogurt, so you have the freedom to add it to your daily diet depending on your rhythm of life and your obligations without having to worry about it having more or less effect on your body or affect your goal to lose weight.

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