The number one film Suspect released in France

Despite the pandemic, the number one Quebec thriller Suspect is continuing its international career. After being launched on video on demand in India and England a few weeks ago, the film by filmmaker Daniel Roby will be released this Tuesday in France.

With cinemas in France currently closed due to the second wave of COVID-19, it is on DVD and video on demand that French moviegoers will be able to discover Suspect number one. It should be remembered that this English-language thriller, which stars Antoine Olivier Pilon and Josh Hartnett, was a great success in theaters last summer in Quebec, when it hit theaters when theaters reopened in early July. Suspect Number One grossed over $ 1 million at the Canadian box office.

“I consider myself lucky to have been able to release my film at the right time in Quebec,” Daniel Roby (Louis Cyr, Funkytown) said Monday. Suspect Number One was also screened in a few theaters in the United States during the summer, but in today’s environment, the film’s international release is primarily on VOD. Personally, I find this very positive. The cinematographic offer is smaller at the moment so that may work in favor of our film. “

So far, Suspect Number One has been fairly well received in the international press. British newspaper The Guardian gave Roby’s film a 3 out of 5 rating last month, particularly praising the solid performances of Josh Hartnett and Antoine Olivier Pilon. It is the multinational Universal that distributes Suspect number one outside of Canada and the United States. After France, it is in Spain that the film will be released in mid-December.

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