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The number of vacancies in London decreased by 50% during the pandemic

The British capital has suffered more than other European cities

The number of vacancies in London has decreased by 50% during the pandemic, writes The Guardian, citing research by Indeed, the largest job search site. In the UK as a whole, the number of vacancies decreased by 42%, which is significantly worse than in other countries.

The study authors compared the number of jobs available in November 2019 and November 2020. In Spain, their number decreased by 39%, in Italy and France – by 24%, in Germany – by only 17%.

In terms of capitals, the picture is as follows: in Madrid and Paris, the number of job advertisements fell by 40%, in Rome – by 35%, and in Berlin – by 25%.

Analysts say a huge amount of work in London is in the retail, hospitality and entertainment industries. The number of vacancies in these industries has dropped significantly, as they have been hit hardest during the pandemic.

Some shops and shopping centers have been forced to close due to falling sales, and hotels and entertainment centers are idle due to a lack of tourists – both foreign and local. Residents of other British cities have become less likely to travel to the capital: even on Black Friday, November 27, the number of visits to the center of the capital decreased by 83% compared to last year.

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