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From bipolar disorder to his friendship with Tom Cruise: the five facts you did not know about Ben Stiller | The State

Ben Stiller had a hard time with his health.

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Ben Stiller is one of the most loved comedy actors by the publicIt has iconic roles that those movie fans remember fondly.

Creator of “Zoolander”, director and even producer, the born in New York turns 55 today, carrying a career which has positioned him as one of the most famous histriones in the history of the seventh art.

Stiller, who is married since 2000 to her partner, also an actress Christine Taylor, he has suffered the loss of their parents, the also comedians Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara, but he has taken care of raising his family, because He has two children named Ella Olivia and Quinn Dempsey.

In the wake of your birthday, These are some curiosities to get to know the actor fully of films such as “A Night at the Museum”, “Crazy about Mary”, “My Girlfriend Polly”, among others.

1.- Bipolar

Not everything is honey on flakes in the life of an actor, no matter how much fame or money he has, and that is what Stiller has faced. The actor suffers from bipolarity, something he took with humor in his participation in the multi-award-winning series “Friends” and that, together with his family, he has been able to get ahead without problems.

2.- The worst of the best

Although he has had very good roles in his path as an actor, many of the performances that Ben has delivered have not been liked by critics, especially for his comedy style.

This was enough for in 2004, the year where he released up to six films, he obtained five nominations for the Razzie, awards that give to the worst of the seventh art.

3.- From the galaxy

Ben stiller He is a confessed fan of the “Star Trek” series of movies, series and stories. So much so that, to his production house, Red Hour Films, he named it after said space work.

4.- His best friend

The New York-born has said in several interviews that He has Tom Cruise as his henchman.

Even Stiller has confessed that he has great admiration for the “Top Gun” actor.

5.- His other passion

If there’s one thing Ben loves, it’s music. Who in adolescence served as a drummer, has never said no to his friends to appear in music videos.

He has a brief cameo in Tenacious D’s “Tribute,” as well as in Limp Bizkit’s “Rollin”.

Either way, in front of the cameras or behind them, there is no doubt that Ben Stiller is one of the funniest guys in Hollywood.


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