F1 chief pinpoints three major concerns in aftermath of Romain Grosjean’s crash

Formula One chief Ross Brawn has called on the sport to find out why Romain Grosjean’s car exploded into a fireball.

Grosjean was lucky to escape with minor injuries after his Haas car speared through metal barriers, splitting in two and bursting into flames on the opening lap of Sunday’s Bahrain Grand Prix.

The sport’s governing body, the FIA, have already started their investigation and will analyse data from Grosjean’s car to determine what caused the crash.

There will also be careful scrutiny into why Grosjean’s car veered through the metal barriers and F1’s managing director Brawn says it is vital that they uncover just how the F1 machinery was split in two.

Romain Grosjean escapes after his car burst into flames

Brawn said: “The FIA, working with the team, have to understand the dynamics of what happened in the accident to see if improvements are possible.

“It was a pretty severe impact and there are limits as to what you’d be able to contain or control.

“But penetrating the barrier like that has to be understood. It also has to be understood why there was a fire and why the car broke in two.

“These are the things that the FIA will now take the time to analyse and work out what can be done better. Hats off to everyone involved, because the driver walked away from a huge accident.

Grosjean was taken to hospital where he was treated for burns on both hands

“And the FIA did a super job getting everything back in shape so that we could run the race in as safe a way as possible.”

Grosjean scrambled to get out of his burning wreckage for almost half a minute before leaping to safety and amazingly escaped with just minor burns to his hands.

But despite F1’s safety measures, drivers including Sebastian Vettel have been critical over the failure of the trackside safety barriers.

Indeed, the way in which Grosjean’s car was carved in two after smashing into the barriers before exploding has left F1 chiefs understandably concerned.

Grosjean was lucky to escape with minor injuries after his Haas car speared through metal barriers

However it was testament to the modern-day regulations that the once-controversial halo safety device saved Grosjean from suffering serious injuries.

Brawn added: “Seeing Romain jump out of the car was a massive relief. Our producers didn’t put the footage out until they knew Romain was safe, which is our protocol.

“I think everyone is proud of the safety measures which have been developed over the last few years. The halo played a huge part.”

The FIA will also ensure the same Bahrain track – which is due to host this weekend’s Sakhir Grand Prix – is safe to host the F1 circus again on Sunday.

Ross Brawn
Ross Brawn has called on the sport to find out why Grosjean’s car exploded into a fireball

However Grosjean will play no part in the penultimate race of the season, as Haas said on Monday that treatment on his hands is “going well”, but that he will spend another night in hospital.

The American team said it is anticipated that Grosjean, 34, will be discharged on Tuesday.

He will be replaced by the team’s Brazilian reserve driver Pietro Fittipaldi, who is the grandson of double world champion Emerson Fittipaldi and will be handed his F1 debut.

Grosjean’s participation at the season-concluding race in Abu Dhabi a week on Sunday, which is set to be his last in the sport, is uncertain.

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