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The Victoria and Albert Museum to open an exhibition of children’s drawings for the NHS

The rainbow became a symbol of unity during the pandemic

From December 2, museums and art galleries will resume their work in the regions of England with the first and second levels of restrictions, according to Time Out. The Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A) in London will present two exhibitions at once: Renaissance Watercolors, which will collect the work of Renaissance watercolors, and All Will Be Well: Children’s Rainbows from Lockdown. The latter is dedicated to NHS staff working tirelessly during a pandemic.

More than a hundred drawings and collages of the rainbow, which children drew and made while in quarantine, will be presented to the attention of visitors. The rainbow is a symbol of hope and unity during an epidemic, as well as a sign of support for healthcare workers.

The title of the exhibition (“Everything will be fine”) is a reference to the Italian phrase “andrà tutto bene”. So the inhabitants of Italy’s worst-hit region – Lombardy – encouraged each other in the first wave of the pandemic. The death toll there exceeded 16 thousand people. It will serve as a reminder of how COVID-19 has affected people around the world and changed the way people live, organizers say.

All Will Be Well: Children’s Rainbows from Lockdown will come with December 3 2020 to 21 february 2021 year. Renaissance Watercolors – co December 2nd 2020 to May 1, 2022 of the year. Admission is free, but tickets must be booked in advance; details can be found on the museum website.

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