The Argentine Yanet García, Sol Pérez, fell in love with her fans without makeup and natural | The State


Less and less is missing for the arrival of summer. In the anteroom of the station where the outdoors, the pool and the heat are most enjoyed, the Argentine Yanet García, Sol Pérez, do not miss the opportunity to enjoy contact with nature. In the last hours, the model and driver showed her face washed, in the comfort of her home.

Between exams in the latest law subjects, preparing for the news and physical training, Sol spends part of her tight schedule promoting products. This time, the model and host did it with women’s clothing products.

So simple. No makeup and outdoors, good day“Wrote the blonde along with a series of photographs. In the images you can see her with a relaxed and casual look.

Barefoot on the grass, Sol wore blue jeans with a black top. In each of the images, he changes his pose to show the benefits of the garments and their statuesque figure.

Within days of being published, the photos were a sensation among Pérez’s followers. The gallery garnered more than 190 thousand likes and endless comments that highlight its beauty.

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