Sri Lanka: prison mutiny kills six and injures 35

A mutiny in Mahara’s prison near Colombo, Sri Lanka left six dead and 35 injured on Sunday evening.

Prison guards opened fire when inmates stirred up unrest in an attempt to take control of the penitentiary, the New York Post reported on Sunday, citing local police.

In indescribable chaos, inmates sought to escape the surge in COVID-19 infections.

Police reinforcements were deployed on the spot, added the New York tabloid.

The mutiny’s provisional death toll ended in carnage: six inmates were killed while 33 others were injured. Two guards were seriously injured.

On Monday, shots rang out in this highly secure prison.

Mahara’s prison has already experienced unrest linked to the COVID-19 pandemic with an outbreak of contaminations.

COVID-19 has killed two people and around 50 prison guards have tested positive.

Sri Lankan prisons are overcrowded with more than 26,000 detainees while their capacity does not exceed 10,000 places.

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