Opal Transfer App: Three Reasons Why Our New App Worth Downloading Immediately

Great news, dear friends: the updated Opal Transfer app is here! Money transfers are faster, easier and more user-friendly than ever – just download the new version from Google Play or the App Store.

The app was created by people who, like you, live in another country and understand how important it is to provide a better future for their loved ones, and also want to be able to send money home quickly and safely. Here is a simple, fast and safe way to make your life abroad, away from home, much easier – a comprehensive application that allows you to make money transfers tailored to all your needs.


Like you, we try to keep going.

More than 300 thousand people from 41 countries of the world have been using Opal Transfer services for five years now – since we launched our first application that allows you to make money transfers from your phone. Most people use our service in a mobile version. We want our app to continue to perform at its best anytime, anywhere, whenever you need it: on the way to work, on vacation, or even while relaxing and watching a TV show on the couch.

The new Opal Transfer app saves you time and effort. With it, money transfers do not cause any problems.


There is no limit to perfection! The latest, updated version of the Opal Transfer app is much:

1. FASTER. Registration, money transfer at home, payment for services – with the new application, a couple of clicks are enough. Add the recipient of the transfer, select the amount and click “Send”. It will be even easier next time, as we ensure that all recipient data are stored securely.
2. EASIER. The newer, more modern version of the app is much easier to use. For example, you need to send documents right on the spot, from your phone. The new app will show you the fastest way to do this (yes, you can even upload selfies).
3. FRIENDLY. The new application works great on any device (mobile phone, computer or tablet), if you wish, you can choose the Russian or any other language version, and the positive, bright interface pleases the eye. The app guides you step by step like a good friend. Every button, every section, every image was created with your needs in mind. We know exactly how important it is to quickly be able to send money home, because we also work abroad, like you.

• Ready? Be the first to download the new app for free from Google play and App Store and see it in action.

• Need help? Call us on the phone +44 (0) 20 7976 5445 – we speak the same language.

• Like the new app? Praise us if we deserve it, let us know what can be improved, and tell your friends about us.

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