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Diego Boneta celebrated his birthday with a round of questions and answers from fans | The State

Overcoming the frustration of spending his early years in Hollywood without landing roles was the actor’s biggest challenge Diego Boneta.

Before making films of the stature of “Terminator: Dark Fate” and “Rock of Ages,” the actor was faced with a new beginning when he moved to the United States, where he had to earn opportunities.

“The biggest challenge I faced in Hollywood it was definitely the rejection. Moving there and for the first time having to be casting after casting after casting. I speak five a week in two years where I have absolutely nothing.

“He came from doing things in Mexico, from records, Rebelde and other projects. It was very hard because you realize the competition that exists there and the amount of talented people from all over the world who go to the same thing ”, recalled the protagonist of‘ Luis Miguel: La Serie ’.

The actor made his confession this Sunday, when he celebrated his birthday in a YouTube broadcast of a beverage brand.

For a few minutes Boneta answered questions from his fans, to whom he told who has never used the dressing rooms to have passionate encounters and who wrote the song “Responde” for a girl he liked at 14.

The artist recounted personal themes such as that he fell in love with Cameron Diaz in the movie ‘The Mask’, his discomfort at getting up early and that he doesn’t like people to judge him without knowing him just for being a public figure.

He also spoke about his tastes, and the moment his followers made him choose between José José and Juan Gabriel, he better told what “El Divo de Juárez” means to him.

Alberto (Aguilera) was a person that I loved very much, I even called him “uncle” because we wrote songs together; we sang together in concert several times.

“When I turned 18 he sang las mañanitas for me at his mariachi concert. I learned a lot from him. Alberto has a very special place in my heart ”, he recalled.

To dismiss his presentation, a band played the star’s mañanitas.

Watch the video at minute 15:20

BY: Pedro Mauricio Ángel Núñez


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