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Dasa wins ‘Your Face Sounds to Me’: “Mom, I won!” | The State

The Dasa.

El Dasa / Courtesy

To the cry of “Mom, I won!”, The Dasa wins the prize of the great winner of the first season of Your face is familiar to me’ from Univision.

Played Marco Antonio Solis, Juan Gabriel, Pitbull, Amanda Miguel, Juan Luis Guerra and in the final to Cristian castro, and in each one he showed, as the coach and judge told him, Angelica Vale, who was the only one who understood what this reality was about.

With 46 points, leaving in second place Chantal andere, the Mexican regional singer showed that leaving everything on stage, surrendering to the game and above all enjoying it had its reward by winning a Univision reality show for the first time, remember that he was left with the desire in ‘Look who is dancing’ two years ago.

“None of us who participated in‘ Tu Cara Me Suena ’will do the same again. For everyone it has been a before and after in our lives in a positive way. I am very grateful for this opportunity “said the last gala the great winner.

Under the leadership of Ana Brenda Contreras Y Rafael Araneda, this first season of the reality show on Sundays from Univision, had to go through great tests. First, the criticism for the little similarity of the characterizations, something that was improved, achieving excellence in the last three galas. Then the conduction of the Chilean animator, which was not to the liking of a large part of the public.

And the great test was undoubtedly the coronavirus infections of half of its participants, which led them to have to suspend the show for three weeks with the risk of the possibility of canceling it. Back, with Francisca Lachapel, Gabriel Coronel, Melina León, Sandra Echeverría, Chantal Andere, Pablo Montero, Llanes and the winner, El Dasa, all left on stage.

The night began with the presentation of Gabriel Coronel being an impeccable Marc Anthony both physically, as in the dance and the interpretation of his voice.

Sandra Echeverría followed with her very successful version of Thalía.

The step was for Pablo Montero, who has been the most controversial in terms of his performances on stage. This time, in his comfort zone with the rancheras, he had to be the remembered Joan Sebastian.

Melina León was a compatriot, La India, whom she played wonders and this time she did not have to get angry or frustrated with the jury as it happened last week, that although it was cut in the air, those who witnessed it say with Kany García was very nervous.

Chantal Andere, who confessed to us that her life is already another after ‘Tu Cara Me Suena’, where she gained confidence and got rid of prejudices, played Rocío Durcal, who did not get the best criticism from the jury, but she he left happy.

And it was time for the winner of the night, El Dasa playing Cristian Castor singing ‘Will not be able’… Dancing and singing like the Happy Cockerel made Kany stand up, Angelica Vale, Jesus Navarro Y Charytin, the judge.

The last to present his imitation was the one who won in the first gala, Llanes, who got into the skin of Ricky Martin and, like the rest of his teammates, he left everything on stage and it was noticed that he was enjoying his star boricua

After the 4 duets they did crossing the characters he was playing, it was time to face, for the last time, before the jury for the score.

After the vote of his colleagues and the judges, finally, with 46 points, El Dasa wins: “Mom I won!”I cry through tears. “It goes for everyone, for all the brave who are here … Let’s never stop entertaining, that television never dies.”


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