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Cuomo: 'The state reaches the highest rate of positive tests for COVID-19'

The governor would announce a new “winter plan” on Monday to curb the coronavirus.

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NEW YORK.- The governor Andrew Cuomo revealed that the state New York entered a new phase, which he called the “winter phase”, reaching this Sunday its highest rate of positive tests of COVID-19 since May.

Cuomo announced that this Monday the state would reveal its “winter plan” or “next phase plan” to keep the virus under control. The state president added that over the weekend he was coordinating with health officials and local governments on the plan for the next phase.

“This is a new phase for COVID-19. I want to call it the winter phase. The vacation phase. Or call it the phase of increase after increase, ”Cuomo told reporters on a conference call.

Cuomo, who has said the positive test rate figure is the most accurate in terms of predicting potential worrying spikes, explained that the state’s percentage on Saturday was 4.27%, up from 3.9% the day before. .

The state reached 4.2% for the last time on May 20, according to the governorate’s website. It exceeded 4.2% on May 18.

The governor insists that the recent increase in cases remains part of the “first wave of the virus.”

“If you look at New York relative to just New York, you see the numbers increasing, not as fast as other states, but the numbers are increasing. It is good that we are doing better in a national and global context, but it is irrelevant to some extent because we have to deal with the problems that we have here in New York in relation to New York, “said Cuomo.

Meanwhile, the governor called everyone to be vigilant and insisted on the basic measures so far: “wear your mask, wash your hands, maintain social distance, and above all, stand firm in New York.”

On the number of deaths, Cuomo said 55 people died from COVID-19 on Saturday, while hospitalizations and patients in Intensive Care Units (ICUs) increased slightly.



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