With tremendous dental floss, Carolina Sandoval dances on the beach and is criticized for cellulite | The State


The former host of Tell me what you know, Carolina sandoval, he is spending a divine vacation in Naples. right there in the state of Florida and close to the sea. For this reason, she has taken her most daring and sexy swimsuits out of the closet to show them off without any shame.

With a very small pink bikini with black stars, “The Poisonous” she danced with her husband Nick hernandez and, between turns and turns, he exposed all his “Tail” and the comments were immediate. Some obviously applauded the feat and others, even gave him the bucket.

“Why do you have to show that nalgones. What a shame ”,“ Proud of your cellulite but the rest of us suffer seeing so much vulgarity ”,“ Chanchoval in full swing and accompanied by the cellulite MRS ” Y “You have family, cover yourself”, were some of the forceful criticisms left to the Venezuelan in the comments section of her account Instagram.

The good news is that, who until recently was one of the main faces of the chain Telemundo, does not pay attention to those comments and continues doing what causes it and above all generating more content every day and capturing more followers. There’s no doubt Carolina sandoval She is every influencer who knows very well where, how and with whom to invest her energies.



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