Sony promises that the PS5 console will be available by the end of the year after registering an “unprecedented” lawsuit | The State

Sony has asked consumers to contact retailers to find out the arrival date of the PS5 console.

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Sony confirmed Wednesday that it will have more consoles Playstation 5 (PS5) available in stores this holiday season after the company called it “the biggest launch ever.”

Through a tweet the company assured that the demand for the PS5 “was unprecedented” ensuring that Product inventory will arrive before the end of the year.

Days before Black Friday find a console PS5 wave Xbox Series X / S it was very difficult among consumers. Microsoft revealed earlier this month through Tim Start, Xbox’s chief financial officer, that its Xbox consoles will be in short supply until the spring of next year.

The shortage is due in part to disorderly sales by retailers and a lack of planning by companies. furthermore the devices are difficult to manufacture. So far neither Microsoft neither Sony have provided information on how many units they prepared for launch, they have not said how many they hope to send before the arrival of the New Year.

Nintendo Switch it is still the best-selling next-gen console, even though it was initially released in 2017. It is expected that Nintendo to release a new version of Switch next year, according to various press reports.

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