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The brothers they are always there to help you, or at least that’s what you should expect. However, the conflicts arise in many families and it is normal for them to occur altercations difficult to fix.

But what to do if the relationship becomes toxic? Although in a filial relationship problems are constant, it is possible remedy them and look for mechanisms so that the brothers get along better, all this for the good mental health and emotional.

Identify the root of the problem

The sibling relationship is built from the childhood. This is influenced by various factors such as the upbringing and the environment, the treatment of parents towards each of the children and the personality of each one.

So when going growing, in the relationship you can begin to see the behavior patterns. The toxic relationship can arise for different reasons, such as parental preference by one of his children, or by the difference of personalities and character.

Not all sibling relationships are loving, so it is important to pay attention to this. Source: Pixabay

In this sense, it can be said that the link most important in any relationship, even in the relationship of siblings, is the love.

But as indicated by the Psychologist of the Vespucio Clinic, Jessica Pineapple, for Collective Culture, it is normal that there is a love that is not reciprocated even though there is some blood tie.

Lack of love between siblings?

It could be argued that Lack of love would be the cause of complications in the relationship. While it could be so, it is not the only cause.

The brothers as they grow they develop their own personality. Now the question is to what extent are specials the brothers within the life of each one?

There are brothers whose relationship is solid. However, there are others that not tolerated due to differences in personalities and the circumstances of their own upbringing. To file roughness among the brothers, the parents should intervene and come up with strategies for the two of you to get along.

How to remedy the conflict situation

To remedy the relationship it is necessary to promote communication and tolerance. Also, as they go growing the little ones and go winning maturity, maybe more conscious of their own behaviors.

During the adolescence the boys are marking their personality, and that is when the stronger conflicts. If the relationship between the siblings it does not work and it continues to be complicated with the passage of time, it is best to give space and time to regain the link.

It is important that problems between siblings are solved in time. Source: Pexels

By separating, they will have time to mature and grow, and in this way, make changes that fill their lives. It is important that each person improve their tolerance capacity, that they achieve a better communication and let this be effective.

It usually takes weather achieve these changes and many brothers finish reconciling in its adult stage.

Therefore, parents must be good observers to realize the type of relationship they are cultivating their children. They themselves could intervene as intermediaries of conflicts.

The therapy family will also be of great help so that they can remedy the situation and cease to exist aggression between brothers.

In the end, if the degree of conflict is maintained throughout that time of childhood and adolescence, perhaps, with the passage of time, they will be able to reconcile and accept the good that each one has.

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