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From living in a car to winning an Oscar: Alfonso Cuarón’s difficult path to fame | The State

Alfonso Cuaron.

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On November 28, 1961, in Mexico City, the Mexican filmmaker, double Oscar winner, Alfonso Cuarón was born recognized, especially in recent years, for his masterpiece “Roma”.

The creator of “Gravity”, “Children of Man” “And your Mom Too”, “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban”, among other tapes, He had to climb from the depths of his life to consecrate himself as the director that he is now.

In his college days, Cuarón thought that his career was inclined towards another specialty different from the seventh art, Well, he entered UNAM to study at the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters.

A year later he regretted the decision taken to resume his passion for cinema, question that started from the age of 12 when his parents gave him a Pentax camera.

Cuarón entered the University Center for Cinematographic Studies, where met Luis Estrada, Carlos Marcovich and Emmanuel Lubezki. There, with his friends, the Oscar winner presented a short film that was screened in Havana but rejected at the moment for being in English.

Alfonso neither did he finish his studies at CUEC and, jobless, ended up living in a commune with 10 more young people, located in the Coyoacán delegation in Mexico City.

After, moved to the home of one of his acquaintances, the poet Aurelio Asiainsince the latter lived abroad. Asiain was the “culprit” that Cuarón met Mariana Elizondo, his first wife and that, as a result of this relationship, Jonás Cuarón was born, today also a film director.

After your partner gave birth to Jonah, Cuarón had to look for an office job at the National Museum, employment that, obviously, left instantly.

For this reason, He began knocking on doors at the age of 21 for approval of his experimental projects, as well as getting positions like assistant director in foreign productions in Mexico, the federal government and Televisa (where met Guillermo del Toro).

The ambition of the filmmaker led him to present at the Toronto Film Festival a comedy entitled “Solo con tu Pareja”, which was written by his brother Carlos Cuarón and starring Daniel Giménez Cacho.

After this triumph, the Cuarón brothers chose not return to Mexico to stay to live in Los Angeles.

“I remember that time. He lived in a car. The travel allowances that we had in the movies were sent to him ”, assured one of his friends, José Luis García Agraz, who added that Cuarón came to live in a very small room, with a 14-inch black and white TV, a useless car and living on $ 100 every given moment, with which he sought to make unhealthy pantries.

Apparently, Alfonso Cuarón lived by directing music videos for rappers, episodes for television series and whatever fell on his doorstep, jobs that were enough to pay bills.

Luis Mandoki was the character that caused, finally and after much effort by dand who turns 59 today, will be consecrated in the world of the seventh art.

He contacted him with agent Steve Rabinov and actress Anne Bancroft, who gave him their full support and together, next to Warner Bros, he wrote his first Hollywood play “The Little Princess”, starting a path that would end with standing on a stage receiving the Oscar.


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