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Couple found dozens of 105-year-old whiskey bottles hidden in the wall of their home in New York | The State

Unexpected inheritance

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A couple in Ames, a town in upstate New York, made a fascinating discovery within the walls of their new home.

They bought the 105-year-old house in that town in 2019, with plans to remodel it. And when they started to remove some exterior trim, they found more than 66 unopened bottles of Scotch whiskey hidden in the walls and floorboards.

The treasure dates back to the Age of Prohibition (1920-1933), when alcohol was illegal. The house was built on the outskirts of Albany, capital of NY, by a well-known unidentified smuggler.

Following the find, the couple Nick Drummond and Patrick Bakker have been doing some research on the former owner and documenting the story on Instagram, he reported. Pix11.

As for the bottles they plan to sell them and part of the whiskey is valued at $ 1,000. The finding was recorded in a video posted on Facebook.


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