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3 tricks to make the perfume last longer on your skin | The State

Perfumes are designed for us to enjoy and to generate a good impression before others. But above all, everyone looks for the fragrance that goes according to their personality and with which you feel most comfortable.

However, it sometimes happens that the fragrance doesn’t last long. So that this does not happen, these tricks they will help you keep I live the smell of the perfume you wear.

1. Keep your skin hydrated

If there is something that will help the fragrance of the perfume to stay, it is skin, or rather, the hydration Of the same.

For the fragrance to last longer, you should use a neutral odor body cream if you want to avoid mixed smells. You should use it after bathing and before applying the perfume.

On the other hand, as Vogue magazine indicates, you can first use a shower gel scented. Then the moisturizer, scented if you prefer, and then use the perfume.

This is the proposal what offers Daniel Figuero, who is representative of the house Maison Dior. With these simple steps that she recommends, you will make the fragrance last longer on your skin.

2. Use oil-based perfumes

This is another trick you can use to make your perfumes last throughout the day. exist artisan brand products who propose another way of making perfumes, and one of them is to use oil as base.

Now why is it better to use oil-based perfumes? The answer is that perfumes with alcohol evaporate very fast and therefore its effect lasts few time. That is, although its fragrance may be more intense, this will disappear after a few hours.

In contrast, perfumes that use oil last longer. Another point in favor of oils is that they can serve as moisturizers for your skin.

Another trick you can use to take advantage of these perfumes is to add some how many drops to a neutral moisturizer. So you can see how the fragrance will stay throughout the day.

3. Keep in a cool and dry place

It is recommended to keep the perfumes in a dry and cool place so that they do not lose their properties. Source: Shutterstock

The sun and heat they are the worst enemies of perfumes. If you want the effect of your perfume to last during the day, store it in a cool place and that is away from sunlight. Otherwise you could lose their properties.

In fact, there are those who recommend storing perfumes in a fridge. This advice is especially acceptable during the days of summer, since they are very hot days.

Of course, if you plan to store your perfume in the refrigerator, you must bear in mind that the temperature should not be too cold since it could spoil its properties. In this case, the main recommendation is always to avoid temperatures extreme.

Sometimes it’s hard to find the suitable perfume by various factors such as allergies, sensitivity or skin irritation. However, if you are looking advice and put these simple tricks into practice, you will see how you will achieve good impression.

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