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Under the umbrella of Adelaide: a family saga by Puértolas

If you want a story that is both sympathetic and fun at the same time, the brand new novel by French writer Romain Puértolas is undoubtedly a good choice.

Since The extraordinary journey of the fakir who got stuck in an Ikea wardrobe, the French writer Romain Puértolas has never ceased to amaze us. And last year more than ever, because with Police of flowers, trees and forests, he had the audacity to guarantee us two things: “a detective story like no other” and “a breathtaking final twist that calls the whole story into question.”

A little exaggerated? Not at all. The plot was undeniably very different from what one is used to finding in detective novels, and for the final twist, hats off! Even if we are a little embarrassed to admit it, we fell into the trap. In beauty, with that! “I was passing through Switzerland to present one of my novels and at the airport, I noticed a lot of books by an author that I did not know”, explains Romain Puértolas, when asked how this unusual plot had germinated in his mind.

“As I wanted to know more about this author, I was told pitch of his most recent book, and I thought the subject was too great, he continues. So that evening I read the novel and when it was finished, I realized that it was not the story I had expected at all. So I thought I was going to do it, that I was going to write a book with the story that I understood. »What gave Police of flowers, trees and forests, the first volume of a trilogy whose sequel, Under Adelaide’s umbrella, just got out.

“It pleased me to make a great family saga over several generations, fueled by crispy various facts, adds Romain Puértolas. And in addition to being able to read independently, I wanted each volume to end on a twist. ”

Attention to detail

However, this famous twist was a bit more difficult to orchestrate this time around.

“After I finished my manuscript, I realized that there was no effect wow at the end, specifies Romain Puértolas. So, for two weeks, I racked my brains and found. “

Rose Rivières will be strangled on December 25 in the middle of the large square in downtown M., during the traditional Christmas spectacle. And even if several hundred people attended, there will be only one and only witness, unfortunately well hidden under the umbrella of a corpulent German named Adelaide. “My main challenge was to write the novel without knowing who the killer is and who is this witness under the umbrella, so that in the last pages, readers come up against an obvious had not seen, underlines Romain Puértolas. This is what made writing this book so enjoyable! “

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