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The Ritz under Occupation

American novelist Melanie Benjamin has a knack for finding women whose unusual stories have not always been told. After having been very well documented, it is therefore the life of Blanche Ross Auzello that she will choose to relate this time.

So far, we’ve enjoyed all the books by American novelist Melanie Benjamin: The aviator’s wife, which looks at the life of Charles Lindbergh’s wife, The Swans of Fifth Avenue, which tells of the very special friendship that united the writer Truman Capote with the socialite Babe Paley, Hollywood Boulevard, which lifts the veil on the very beginnings of Hollywood cinema, and now, The lady of the Ritz.

This lady, who really existed, has a name: Blanche Ross Auzello. And as the title allows us to guess, she has long ensured the comfort of all the wealthy clients of the legendary Ritz hotel on the Place Vendôme, her husband Claude being none other than the manager of the establishment.

A palace that keeps busy

In June 1940, when the German army invaded the streets of Paris, it was at the Ritz that its senior leaders – including Hermann Göring himself – chose to establish their new quarters. A real nightmare for the Auzello couple, who will have to get used to seeing Nazi soldiers armed to the teeth circulating everywhere in the hotel. For as incredible as it may seem, the Ritz will never close its doors during the Occupation. It was up to Blanche to manage to accommodate Hitler’s booty clients and passing civilians, even though she was the first to have a lot to hide.

A fascinating read that allows us much more than to discover the history of the Ritz: it allows us to meet a woman whose journey has been quite unique.


Under the eternal Finnish sun

You don’t often get the chance to read novels set in Finland. And as a bonus, this one allows us to discover the hottest beach in the country: Palm Beach Finland. But bad luck, this is precisely where a woman will soon be cold. In a rather burlesque way, what is more. Because from cover to cover of this downright entertaining book, there’s no shortage of dark humor!

The border

With this third and last part of the brilliant series Cartel, the American writer Don Winslow offers us more than 1000 pages of fun under high tension. Because even though he no longer works (for now!) In the Drug Enforcement Administration, Art Keller can’t help but make life hard on drug traffickers. Especially since the opioid crisis began to claim tens of thousands of deaths in the United States each year.

Curries in all sauces

A great way to travel these days? Open this book of exotic recipes and cook your curry dishes from everywhere: curry hummus, Thai chicken curry with noodles, grilled sea bream with Breton curry, Cambodian curry pork, Kerala style shrimp curry … eat hot or not, there is something for everyone.

Once upon a time james bond

We think we know all kinds of things about James Bond, the most famous spy in cinema. That he loves vodka martini (mixed with a shaker, not with a spoon!), That he collects female conquests, that he has a weakness for Aston Martins and that he has a rather particular sense of humor. . But what is it really? Based on the books of its creator, Briton Ian Fleming, this bio tells us a lot more about the “real” 007.

Chills guaranteed

Night fire

Here we are at the 25th opus of the series Harry bosch. Yes already. And since fictional characters can age too, it won’t be long before Bosch, who had knee surgery, now has to move around with a cane. Which will not be very practical to arrive on time at the funeral of John Jack Thompson, the man who, 30 years ago, was his very first homicide teammate and who among other things taught him to handle every case. personally.

However, not even his widow will be able to explain one thing: why John Jack insisted on stealing an unresolved case dating back to the early 1990s.

A cold case and a fire

As you might expect, that will be up to Bosch to find out. But as he is far from being at his best, he will go find Renée Ballard, the young inspector whom he had the chance to meet a few months earlier in Dark and sacred night, in order to ask him a little help.

Still on the night shift in a Hollywood police station, Ballard already has plenty to take care of. A homeless man was found burned alive in a nighttime fire and she will be one of the few who really want to understand what happened. Anyway, another great Michael Connelly.

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