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The return to the ring of the legends of the sport of boxing, the Americans Mike tyson Y Roy jones jr., scheduled for this Saturday, still does not add sporting value, and even more after knowing the rules by which the exhibition fight will be governed.

The new idea of ​​bringing two boxing icons out of retirement to face them in an event that will be broadcast live on the payment system, which will also feature musical performances, is seen by fans as one more attempt to make “cash” by Tyson, 54, that will charge 10 million dollars, and Jones Jr., three years younger, you will receive another three.

This whole idea has been the subject of serious criticism that only gets worse as the date of the fight approaches, which will take place at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

But the final blow to the little sporting value the event generated came after the latest announcements of the rules, including that no ‘knockout’ will be allowed, something that has been considered by true boxing fans as a real “insult” and more so when it comes to the queen category.

But The California Athletic Commission (CSAC) does not allow boxers over the age of 50 to be knocked out.

Faced with this impediment, the fans who were excited when they saw videos of Tyson throwing power shots in the gym and hoped there would be some of that in the fight, they have already ruled it out completely and it is the first major sporting “disappointment” of the event.

The referee will be in charge of controlling, at all times, with his intervention, that the “display intensity” on the part of both fighters, do not go beyond complying with rules that have nothing to do with the sport of boxing.

This “guarantees” that the fight will reach the end of the eight established rounds, unless there is a serious injury or cut, but lacking in emotion, intensity and suspense to offer fans by both legends.

The rounds have also been limited to two minutes in length, so the maximum action will be just 16 minutes, another element of lack of material time so that you can see Tyson and Jones Jr. hitting each other harder.

In case the above was not already “frustrating” enough, At the sports level, wearing gloves weighing only 12 ounces will significantly reduce the power of the blows which ensures that the ‘knockout’ will not occur under any of the circumstances

The only positive thing about this fight will be the chance to see “Iron Mike” and “Captain Left Hook” back in the ring, enough for there to be interest in seeing them in action again.

Both fighters, in promoting the fight, have insisted that they are going to “kill”, something that nobody understands how it can happen under the rules by which the fight is to be guided.It is thought that, then, the great protagonist will be the referee who must intervene constantly to control those “murderous” instincts of the boxers.

So far it is unknown what will be the magic formula that both world boxing legends may have to be able, at least, to entertain fans who want to continue the fight.

Although Tyson was able to give a hint, yesterday, Thursday, when on the traditional “Thanksgiving Day”, in a promotional video, he is seen eating Jones Jr.’s ‘ear’ and joking that “it tastes much better than that of Evander, ”in a nod to the infamous moment he bit off a piece of compatriot Evander Holyfield’s ear during their fight in 1997.

Tyson compiled a 50-6 record during his career. But he hasn’t fought since June 2005 when he lost to Kevin McBride by stopping his corner the fight.

The former world champion said after the match that he no longer had “the guts to be in this sport.”

His last victory was against Clifford Etienne in February 2003.

For his part, Jones Jr. ended his boxing career with a record of 66-9 and 47 by knockout. His last fight was in February 2018 against Scott Sigmon in which he won by unanimous decision.



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