Carl Woods defends buying Katie Price another puppy after last one’s grim death

Carl Woods has told “d**kheads” to stop bringing up Katie Price’s dead puppy after surprising her with a brand new pooch.

The former Love Island star, who moved in with mum of five Katie shortly after they got together in July this year, said little Rolo’s gruesome death was a “tragic accident” that wasn’t her fault.

Baby French Bulldog Rolo lasted less than a month at Katie’s home before suffocating to death while trapped under an electric armchair, leaving her and eldest daughter Princess, 13, devastated.

As the Mirror revealed at the time, Katie had given the tiny puppy CBD oil that she claimed was given to her in a “puppy hamper” when she picked up the pooch from his breeders.

Carl Woods has stuck up for girlfriend Katie Price after buying her another puppy

Just weeks after Rolo’s death, Katie is once again the proud owner of another French Bulldog puppy, named Precious.

Carl shared his first snap of little Precious late last night, captioning it: “Got The Girls A Puppy.”

But as furious comments quickly started to be shared on in his Instagram, Carl swooped in to defend his girlfriend from the backlash.

“Just a quick one to all the d**kheads commenting s**t things about what happened to Rolo. Do you realise that there is a 13 year old girl who can see your comments? How do you think those comments make her feel?” he questioned.

Little Rolo suffocated to death after getting trapped under an electric armchair, less than a month after Katie bought him for Princess

“It was a tragic ACCIDENT what happened to him. Of which, Kate wasn’t even there at the time and neither was Princess. Stop putting a s**t downer on her having a new puppy you complete pricks.

“NOBODY wanted anything to happen to Rolo and the same rule applies for this pup.”

Katie left three love heart emojis under his protective comment as a sign of her gratitude.

Unfortunately, Katie has a poor track record when it comes to the fate of her family pets.

Katie’s pets haven’t always fared well in her home

Her old dog Queenie was run over by a pizza delivery van on the drive of her Mucky Mansion, while the family’s pet chameleon Marvin died ‘from a broken heart’ after her son Junior went to live with his dad Peter Andre.

Sparkle the Alsatian also got hit and killed by a car after escaping from her house, while one of her horses died when it was struck by a car after freeing itself from a field.

Rolo was the latest in a long line of creatures who haven’t fared well living at home with Katie and her family.

Katie Price with her old dogs Sparkle and Bear, who both separately escaped from her Mucky Mansion – and Sparkle was killed by a car

Marvin the chameleon died of a ‘broken heart’ after Junior and Princess moved out of Katie’s home

The former glamour model desperately tried to revive the tiny pup with CRP, but he had been crushed to death when someone sat on the armchair he was trapped under.

“There was nothing they could do, but they did say he wouldn’t have died in pain, it was quick,” she explained on a YouTube video.

“It’s one of the worst things to see a lifeless puppy there who was fine five minutes before.”

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