Andy Robertson’s post-game reaction makes clear his thoughts on VAR


Andy Robertson has become the latest Liverpool player to question VAR in it’s current form after he conceded a stoppage-time penalty against Brighton.

The champions had already seen two goals disallowed for offside, before the Seagulls were handed a last-gasp chance from 12 yards.

Robertson was adjudged to have fouled Danny Welbeck, in an incident that required referee Stuart Attwell to take a look at the pitchside monitor.

Liverpool players were left furious after the decision was overturned, with Pascal Gross converting in the 1-1 draw.

Jurgen Klopp looks on as Suart Attwell awards a penalty to Brighton

Reds skipper Jordan Henderson labelled the decision “baffling” and admitted he would rather play games without the use of the technology.

He told BBC Sport: “I can’t really speak about it because I’ll get myself in trouble. If they’re offside, you do the line thing, then what can you do?

“The third one, I don’t know, it’s not a penalty. You can think I’m biased but if you ask four or five or their lads they will say the same thing. They said it walking off the pitch.

“You feel as though there are a lot of decisions that go against you but that decision for me today is baffling.

Andy Robertson talks to the officials following the controversial 1-1 draw

“I saw Kevin De Bruyne saying in an interview they have changed so many rules we don’t know what they are anymore. That for me is a big problem.

“We are talking about instances all the time and not the football. In my opinion I would rather play without it, yeah.”

Following the game, Robertson took to Twitter, suggesting former players should be involved in the decision making process.

He posted on his personal social media account: “Wonder when the people playing the game will have a say!

“Very frustrating day but credit to Brighton, really tough opponent!”

Do you think the referee made the correct decision? Have your say here.

Michael Owen labelled the awarding of Brighton’s penalty as “soft” – an assessment Robertson agreed with

Clearly annoyed by the decision, Robertson also liked a tweet from former Liverpool striker Michael Owen that criticised Attwell overtuning his initial call.

“These penalties are getting softer by the day,” Owen’s post reads. “Salah got given one against West Ham a few weeks ago so at least there’s consistency.

“In real time it’s never a pen. I thought VAR were meant to watch in real time. Slowing the replays down are making every challenge look a foul.”

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