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Will you get a second stimulus check for Christmas?

Negotiations could go further once Trump leaves the White House.

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Citizens say they might be more willing to spend their money this holiday season if the government provides a second round of stimulus checks of $ 1,200But is it possible to get a second stimulus check approved before Christmas?

Congressional leaders, President-elect Joe Biden, outgoing President Donald Trump, and his administration officials say they would like to see a new relief bill passed so that financial aid is distributed quickly. However, despite everyone saying they want to approve such a package, the negotiations have not gone ahead.

The two main political parties have disagreed on a number of issues related to the next economic relief package, starting with the money they are willing to spend. And is that Biden and other Democrats believe the government should spend at least $ 2.2 trillionwhile Republicans prefer the support package to be only $ 500 billion, as reported by Yahoo!

Biden is pushing for a quick deal to prevent the COVID-19 recession from getting worseAlthough he has also said that Republicans may be more willing to compromise once Trump leaves the White House.

Only if lawmakers reach a quick settlement after Congressional Thanksgiving recess (and if that deal includes new stimulus checks) could citizens begin receiving the money by the end of December.

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