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This is what Shawn Mendes did to improve his relationship with Camila Cabello

Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes.

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Shawn mendes He has been opening his heart in public for several weeks more than it had been usual for him, apart from those sentimental and romantic lyrics that, from a more abstract approach, let it be said, have been the hallmark of most of his songs. So much so that the Canadian interpreter has now had an interesting chat with fellow singer Alicia Keys to delve into one of the central aspects of the new documentary that has just premiered on the Netflix platform: the ins and outs of his solid courtship with Camila Cabello.

If before the arrival of the coronavirus pandemic the couple avoided, as far as possible, delving into the most intimate and personal matters of the relationship, the truth is that in recent times the singer-songwriter has given his fans numerous headlines to the respect, such as that Camila was the first woman of whom “trulyhad fallen in love in his life.

And now, in the aforementioned talk, Shawn has revealed that their romance began to gain ground when he raised the Iron Curtain to show himself in all his glory, including his many “vulnerabilities”.

I realized that I was hiding my vulnerability with my own girlfriend. And I knew that if I started to show her naturally, she would fall in love with me on a much deeper level.“He confessed during this curious interview to explain, then, that all the emotions he expresses in his songs are equally sincere, although they do not make direct reference to specific experiences.

“I’ve always loved the music I’ve made, it’s beautiful and it’s about falling in love. Then I took things a step further and, for example, I wrote ‘My Blood’, which is about the anxiety that I have suffered. You don’t have to be an expert on these topics to talk about how they affect you, you just have to do it from the heart. Before, he did not give me permission to say such personal things, but later I understood the importance of being able to articulate them ”, he asserted.



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