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They promise more police presence in the face of violence unleashed in the New York subway

Homelessness and Anarchy in the NYC Subway

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Following the increase in random violent attacks on the New York Subway, police announced the deployment of 122 officers to the stations.

Originally that force had been sent to the streets in the summer by protests that raged across the city, many of them against racism and police abuse. The comeback comes after three terrifying passengers pushed to the rails and others hit in the last few days, most by homeless or mentally challenged stowaways.

There have been 20 pushes so far this year, compared to 17 in all of 2019, he stressed Pix11. Faced with the rebound, last week Pat Lynch, leader of the Sergeants Benevolent Association (SBA), NYPD’s main union, warned that citizens travel “at their own discretion” in public transport, accused lawmakers of preventing cops from doing their jobs and advised passengers to “keep the eyes wide open ”to avoid being victims.

Despite dangerous jostling, police say overall crime in the transit system has dropped 27% this year, while the number of passengers has dropped 60% due to the lockdown.

The authorities highlighted that in 2020 there have been around 5,300 calls related to people with emotional disorders in the subway. The mayor Bill de Blasio has said the city’s focus is to give those people the help they need, but critics keep pointing out homelessness as one of the great failures of his management that began in 2014.

Since May 6, the New York Subway has been closed for four hours each night for a deep cleaning and an attempt to evict the homeless who, in many cases, take to the streets, and then wander back into the Underground.

In late October, MTA denounced “Police inaction” in the lawless New York Subway, saying there is more crimes, but fewer arrests. Until September there were five homicides, compared to two in the same period in 2019. Meanwhile, the violations and robberies also increased.

Nowadays New York is running a deficit of 1,800 police officers after funding cuts and resignations, as recognized by Commissioner Dermot Shea himself. In July, citing lack of funds, the NYPD closed its dedicated homeless unit.



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