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“I always have a blast making music” – David Guetta

David Guetta is one of the most famous DJs in the world. Although his activities were put on hiatus following the global lockdown, he still hasn’t stopped making music. He was also awarded the title of World Number One DJ for the second time.

David Guetta appears smiling and in great shape on our screen, as we join him from his Parisian confinement by FaceTime. Rather than being overwhelmed, he chose to live this forced break by working even harder.

“I’m hyperactive and usually take the plane almost every day for my job. During the first confinement, I started making music like crazy. In particular, I worked with my friend Morten. We created a new style of music, “Future Rave”, which is becoming a very big event in electronic music and DJs. We wanted to make a sound that was different and new, in which there was a taste of the underground and some other influences. “

He also collaborated with his favorite singer, the American Sia. “He’s my favorite pop artist! In the middle of the confinement, I was locked at home. I was watching the news, and it was really depressing. I texted Sia telling her we need to make a happy record to comfort and bring people together. With “Let’s Love”, we wanted to create a message of universal love. “

In the top

On November 7, David Guetta received for the second time, nine years after his first consecration, the title of Best DJ in the world. “It’s great to receive the honor of being voted number one, but it’s also a hallmark of longevity. It’s difficult to come to number one, but it’s even more difficult to stay in that position for almost 10 years. It was the best birthday present I could ever get, as it was given to me on my 53rd birthday. “

After starting in this industry in the early 1990s, David Guetta and his ex-wife, Cathy, became the kings of Parisian nights, notably at the head of the Les Bains-Douches nightclub, where the All-Paris gathered to to party. In summer, it was in Ibiza, a Spanish island, that they organized the biggest parties with the presence of many international stars.

“I came from a more underground scene initially. At Les Bains, there were a lot of celebrities. The music was more diverse. Most of all, this period taught me the importance of networking. Before, I was very shy, I always had my head in my decks and my mixer. But being able to meet lots of people, being invited by different people, knowing the right people, all of that was a good school in life. “

30 years of career

Almost 30 years after his debut, David Guetta believes that the secret to longevity lies in pleasure. “You have to love what you do first. I have no financial interest in working, because I am not making any money this year. Still, I worked three times harder than usual. If I was in doubt, it shows me that I do it because I like it. Having the privilege of doing something that you love is important. And then, being able to reinvent yourself, to take on new challenges, that’s what makes it possible to last. The problem happens when you just apply a formula because it works. You start to get bored then, and people end up feeling it. Me, I always have a blast making music, and I think it’s contagious. “

David Guetta even manages to see the future in pink. “I think we’ve had a lot of really tough times, and the day we can party safely again, it’s going to be crazy. This is the craziest party year in human history. This is how I cheer myself up. “

  • The album “New Rave” by David Guetta and Morten is currently available on all download platforms, as is the song Let’s Love, by David Guetta and Sia.

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